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Analysis<br />
& Strategy

& Strategy

From market
research to
corporate strategy

Development<br />
& Management

& Management

From business plan
to operational implementation

Ideation<br />
& Design

& Design

From idea
to conceptual validation

Marketing<br />
& Communication

& Communication

From creativity
to rational 365° planning


& Strategy

Market Analysis

Carrying out a detailed study of supply and demand, analysing the competition and mapping market positioning to understand the market and identify customer needs.

Opportunity review

Assessing market opportunities for a specific product/service through analysis of trends, existing competition, market segments and key performance indicators.


Performing an external analysis (of the environment) and an internal analysis (of the company’s value chain) leading to an objective view of the situation and that enables rational decision-making. Creating a genuine snapshot of the company and the environment in which it operates.

Company strategy

Differentiating a company from its “competitor set” and strengthening its position in the market.

Feasibility study

Carrying out exhaustive feasibility studies in order to determine the viability of a project by evaluating the investment budget and the operating and financial performances.

Business plan

Issuing a detailed and comprehensive study that will serve as a roadmap for the success of a project, from the creation of the concept to the evaluated business results.

Repositioning / restructuring plan

Defining an action plan with which the company can reposition itself (resources, deadlines, budgets) in the market and/or restructure its different sectors.


& Managment

Modular project management

Project development and monitoring of 5 strategic lines (business plan & project management, technical monitoring, legal & administrative, HR & partners, communication & marketing) in order to reach the customer’s objectives.

Launch support

Providing modular guidance and support according to needs during the pre-opening and/or opening phases of a business.

Asset management

Increasing return on investment and asset value through effective strategies to maximise revenue and reduce costs in the short, medium and long term.

Asset valuation

Providing realistic valuation of individual assets, portfolios and development projects enabling decision making for acquisition, financing, asset disposal, risk analysis and commercial development.



Concept development

Developing strong and innovative concepts using 365° branding by interacting with consumers on four levels: verbal, visual, sensory and interactive.

Visual Identity

Developing the visual identity (logo, graphic charter) of a project or company in accordance with its positioning and business strategy.

Brand concept

Creating or strengthening a brand image consistent with the company’s image and positioning.



Communication tools

Developing various communication tools (web site or mobile site, business cards, digital marketing content) by creating variations on the visual identity of a company while respecting its activity and values.

Communication plan

Developing means, frequencies and communication strategies best suited to the business for an optimal and impactful communication plan.

Marketing tools

Defining the different means of promotion of the service / product, identification of distribution channels and objectives to be achieved.

Commercial action plan

Developing various scenarios for a commercial action plan to reach the identified targets, and monitoring and evaluation measures.

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